The Old Church Theatre


On Saturday, March 24th I performed the show at the Old Church Theatre in Courtenay, BC. The show was presented by 97.3 The Eagle FM, with sponsors Rocky Mountain Chocolate and Western Mortgage. Originally built in 1938 as a church the building has undergone a beautiful refit as a theatre.

For me, this was a milestone performance. The audience was appreciative and, at the end of the show, I was humbled by the applause and a number of people even stood up and gave me my "first ever" standing ovation!

I am so grateful to everyone who helped make this gig happen. In particular, my nephew Steve and his partner Sheila! Without them, this event would never have happened.

Thanks also to all those who I met after the show for your kind words. I am so glad that everyone who attended appeared to enjoy the show. I feel so blessed!

Thank you Courtenay/Comox! Let's do it again someday!

In Guns We Trust - U.S.A.

While my show is a celebration on the music and persona of John Lennon, my intention is to also use it as a platform to denounce the sick aspect of the American constitution that allowed the destruction of not only one of our great musical artists and peacemakers, but, as Rolling Stone magazine reported on what would have been John's 75th birthday in 2015, 1.15 million Americans, all who had been killed by gun deaths since John was murdered.


Since I first became aware of the Fab Four in 1964, I have, over the years, immersed myself in "all things Lennon" and continue to do so, especially while preparing my Remember JOHN show. However, I keep bumping into stories about "that" night - Dec 8, 1980 - when John was taken from us.


It still irks me that Chapman, who had significant mental health issues and had attempted suicide at one point, had no problem getting a gun and it irks me that, as he couldn't get ammunition in NY, it was easy-peasy for him to get his cop pal in Atlanta to just hand over lethal hollow point bullets without questioning him why he wanted them. Was this guy ever indicted? I doubt it. So everyone who supports the 2nd amendment - "the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" - is, as far as I'm concerned, complicit in John's death. America is seriously f*cked up and their bullshit, antiquated laws concerning their "right to bear arms" is an abysmal testimonial to a society that, at one time, held such great promise for so many people. RIP sane America!


'Nuff said! All we are saying... is Give Peace a Chance!

Lennon Revealed Book

Just recently finished Larry Kane's fine book on John. Very interesting stuff! A lot of info that I have not found available in other books on Lennon. Picked hardcover up off Amazon for less than $10, including shipping!  

Interviewer gets up John's nose... keeps his cool.

A high degree of arrogance and condescension shown by this interviewer who ends up walking out on John & Yoko.